The Beamsville Medical Centre FHT will strive to improve it’s provision of 24/7 exemplary comprehensive health care by the addition of complimentary allied health professionals.  We will all work in collaboration to address recognized gaps in primary care in our community.

Goals and Objectives
     We will continue to provide excellent, twenty-four seven, comprehensive patient centred care with the most up to date computerized medical records information technology.
     We will work and share our resources with our complimentary allied health care professionals in a collegial atmosphere with mutual trust and respect to identify and address and improve areas where care gaps have been shown to exist.
   We will work together to insure that patient privacy and choice is respected in these undertakings and that all endeavors are consistent with current privacy legislation and risk management strategies as part of best practices principles.
     We will work together to identify at risk populations for poor health outcomes through computer data base searches of electronic medical records.
     We will work together to identify subpopulations at risk for or with chronic diseases including, but not limited to diabetes, obesity, vascular disease, COPD, asthma, osteoporosis, cancer, dementia and mental illness.
     We will work together to intervene with information and education, screening tests, investigations or better disease management strategies for these at risk populations.  These interventions will be supported by current evidence-based guidelines and where feasible audited for their success in accomplishing better outcomes.
     We will work together to be better able to serve our community’s needs by having a wider range of skills provided by  a more diverse team.  With appropriate triage and referral we will accomplish greater efficiencies in our human resources and hence not only improve care but allow our FHT to serve a larger number of our local community  through an increase in roster size.
     We will work together to continue to teach medical students and residents from McMaster and with the evolution to a FHT we will model for learners and even more dynamic, co-operative and multi-disciplined approach to the challenges of comprehensive primary care that will be a building block for future generations of caregivers.


If you have a cough and fever, and if you or someone close to you has recently travelled to China, PLEASE alert the clinic staff when you call for an appointment and when you go to the clinic.  This will help staff to do the right things to care for you and for the other people in the clinic at the time.



As of July 1, 2020, red and white health cards will NO LONGER BE VALID and therefore you may be billed for services until you confirm your eligibility for OHIP and get your photo health card.  See letter from Ontario Government below.  If you have a red and white health card you should have received this letter in the mail.



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