Services Not Covered Under OHIP

Here is a list of services that are provided at the clinic but not covered by OHIP and the associated charges for these services.  This list is not exhaustive but covers the most common non-insured services you may encounter.

PLEASE NOTE:  We only accept CASH or CHEQUE.

The approximate time frame for the completion of forms is 2 – 4 weeks.  Please ensure you have completed all patient portions including consent signature if applicable before handing forms in for your doctor to complete.

List of Uninsured (non-OHIP) Services– 2014

Beamsville Medical Centre Family Health Team

Effective Apr 1, 2014

Absent or Return to Work/School Note $17
Massage, Physiotherapy, Orthotics Prescription/Note $25
TB Test and Certificate/Form – for employment $50
TB Test and Certificate/Form – for students $25
Circumcision $200
Removal of mole/skin tags $40-$100
Wart Freezing (Liquid Nitrogen) (if not OHIP covered) $20
Disability Tax Credit (Federal) – Revenue Canada $43
Driver’s Physical and Form Completion $190
EI Form (Sickness or Maternity) $26
Medical Certificate – Signature $25
Pre-employment Certificate of Fitness $33
School/Camp Health Certificate $25
CAS/FACS Physical and Form – Foster Parent $50
Insurance Related
Insurance Form (+/- Medical Examination) $40 – $250
Attending Physician’s Statement $129
Death Certificate/Form for Insurance Company $40
Travel Insurance Cancellation $34
OCF – 3    Disability Certificate $129
OCF – 18  Treatment Plan $129
Missed appointment/physical without sufficient notice $30/$60
Transfer of Records (Request by patient) Self/Family $20/$40
Travel Immunizations $10
Tensor Bandages/Splints $25

Please ask office for other services not listed.


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